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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What I'm Doing this Summer

This is what I'm doing all summmer. I will have a lot of barbeques. I will spend a lot of time at West Lake, swimming, tubeing, water sking, canoeing, floating around on air mattresses and tan a lot. I am also going tp go to Abbotsford to visit my cousins and one day when I am not at their house me and my sister are going to go shopping in the US. Then at the end of August I am going to Vancouver to go to the P.N.E. and go shopping. Then I will come back to Prince George and relax for the rest of the summer unyil school starts again.

Ten things that a grade 7 student should know before going into grade 8

1) How to open your locker
2) Where your first class of the day is
3) Dress like everyone else so people can't make fun of your clothes
4) Don't miss too much school you'll fall way behind
5) Where all the rooms are
6) Don't get below 60% in a class( your interm will be sent home)
7) Stay on the good side of your teachers
8) Don't be anoying
9) Avoid people who call grade 8's twinkies
10) Push through the people in the hallway because if you just wait for them to pass you'll always be late for class

My favorite Assignment

My favorite assignment this year in english was writing myths and then making a media project on it. The media project was fun because we got to goof around and make a movie and it was a lot of fun because our movie was pretty funny to us anyway, because we all looked like weird people after when we watched the movie.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Poems That I Wrote


Tall and graceful
Swiftly moves through the Savana
In search of fresh green leaves


Penguins are the emeperors of the ice and snow
Wearing funny clothes
Waddiling across sheets of ice
Then gliding through the water as fast as a bullet
Returing to the surface as dry as a bone
All thanks to special feathers

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Poems Found on the Internet


The birth of a new life,
Flowers blossoming,
Giving hope and joy,
For Spring has come,
And with it the beginning of a new life

The heat wave comes in,
A time to relax and play,
Love is blossoming,
In the spur of Summer

With the first leave falling,
The rebel has arrived,
It's time to say goodbye,
For a warning sign comes with Fall

The snow queen has arrived,
Cold and cruel,
Nothing can survive her,
Except for fire,
Beware Winter,
For she is the cruelest of her sisters.

found on

There once was a student names Bass
Who didn't like driving class
"Why study this junk?
I know I will flunk,
There's a road sign that says, 'Do not pass.'"

found on

Monday, April 25, 2005

Sleeping Beauty

After she had been tricked into helping Athelstan create the gods of murder, evil, and hatred, Soltana was consumed with guilt. Eventually, without warning the other gods, she decided that she must make up for this terrible deed. Sacrificing a portion of her own life essence, Soltana created Avidor, god of good to combat evil. She created Salome, goddess of healing, to try to save the victims of murder.
Afterwards, Soltana fell into a deep sleep. Estereal found her thus, and was horrified when he could not wake her. He summoned the pantheon, but none of the gods could help Soltana, and she slept for many years.
Finally, Torodin could stand his brother´s grief no longer. Remembering what Soltana had sacrificed on his behalf, Torodin decided to repay her. He took a small portion of the life essence of each of his followers - not quite as much as Soltana´s priests had given, for Torodin´s followers were favorite targets of Athelstan´s flock, and he did not want to leave them too vulnerable.
Torodin kissed Soltana, allowing the life force to flow into the sleeping goddess. When he saw that it would not be quite enough to wake her, Torodin gave his sister a small portion of his own essence as well. This would leave him a shade weaker than the other gods, but it was well worth it when Soltana opened her eyes and embraced her husband. The gods were overjoyed to have Soltana back, and Torodin never spoke of his sacrifice.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Can You Count Sheep?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Anne Frank

I think that the Anne Frank book is kind of boring because all she writes about is stuff that bothers her about the other people that she is living with, but I guess that she didn't really have anything else to write about because she was in the Seceret Annex for over two years so they were probably always getting mad at each other because they couldn't get away from each other.